Erbaluce: 2023 Grape variety of the year

Raise your glasses: Erbaluce DOCG is the 2023 wine of Piedmont!

Erbaluce, one of the most highly regarded Piedmont white wines, is produced in the rolling hills of Canavese, the Serra di Ivrea moraine, up to the Lake Viverone area, between Turin, Biella, and Vercelli, with the “core zone” in Caluso.

Only 32 municipalities in the province of Turin, 1 in the province of Vercelli, and 3 in the province of Biella are part of the Erbaluce production zone. Erbaluce is bottled in four different types: Erbaluce di Caluso or Caluso; Erbaluce di Caluso or Caluso "Spumante"; Erbaluce di Caluso or Caluso "Passito"; Erbaluce di Caluso or Caluso "Passito riserva".

Four Piedmont Protected Designations of Origin derive from Erbaluce: Erbaluce di Caluso, Coste della Sesia, Colline novaresi, and Canavese. The DOCG Erbaluce di Caluso is the only appellation that can use this recognition on the label.

A wine with a golden colour, Erbaluce conquers with its delicate and lingering aroma, a crisp flavour that pairs harmoniously with typical antipastos, fish dishes, or delicate risottos. In the Passito version, it develops its whole personality with Piedmont pastries and the typical hazelnut cake.

Vitigno erbaluce LOW.jpg

The “Grape variety of the year” is an initiative created to promote and discuss Piedmont's autochthonous varieties. After Dolcetto, Cortese, and Freisa, the Department of Agriculture, Food, Hunting and Fishing of the Piedmont Region chose Erbaluce for 2023.