Art mapping in the area of Alessandria

In Novi Ligure, the La Raia Foundation was created on the biodynamic farm of the same name, where nature is a source of inspiration for the relationship between human beings and “artificial” nature, which takes part in the artistic creation. By walking along the path between art and nature, you can find works such as Bales 2014/2017, two multicoloured bales made of industrial straw by Michael Beutler (on the hills near Locanda La Raia). Remo Salvadori is responsible for the three sculptures: Nel momento (In the moment), a vertical installation of sixteen tin elements on the southern façade of the manor house; Continuo infinito presente (The continuous infinite present), a ring without beginning or end made of steel cables, placed in front of the cellar, and Il Sabato piantare il cipresso (Planting the cypress on Saturday), made of marble, water and essences, near Vignone, one of La Raia's historic vineyards. You can also find contemporary art in the estate's wine cellar, with Francesco Jodice's Il Cavaliere Nero (The Black Knight) e La vendetta del Gavi (the revenge of Gavi), an intriguing game of photos, film posters and music that turns the Gavi area into an imaginary set. Near La Raia lake, the Palazzo delle Api (The Palace of bees) by artist Adrien Missika is an inverted pyramid made of Luserna stone with 2,300 holes to house nomadic bees, fundamental to floral biodiversity. At Borgo Merlassino, on the wall of the manor house, OUSSSER is a fluorescent painting installation by Korean artist Koo Jeong A: an evocative figure that observes the earth and the sky, visible only on nights following days of particular brightness. 

In Frassineto Po, the visual art project “Par coii bsogna semnà” or “Chi semina raccoglie” (You reap what you sow) is part of Kg 5633.9, the fairytale monument created by Paola Monasterolo from 100 blocks of local materials: white cement, gravel and pebbles from the Po River, coloured soils and oxides, brick and beeswax. A great work of public art directly involving the inhabitants of the village. Each block reveals the participants' anonymous answer to the question "When did you feel ALIVE?". On the surface of the blocks a wax number is

read, which corresponds to the weight in kilograms of the person that is telling his or her story in that moment, following a traditional practice linked to ex-votos. The title of the monument is the result of the weight of all the citizens involved. What’s more, the installation Vivaio Eternot by artist Gea Casolaro is a tribute to the life and tenacity of the inhabitants of Casale Monferrato. It is located in the former Eternit Factory area, that has been turned into a Public Art Park: a nursery called Davidia involucrata (or A tree of tissues) that has been growing over time with the collaboration of the citizens.

In Parodi Ligure, The Elegy of Whiteness is the contribution designed by Mario Airò for the deconsecrated church of San Remigio, while in Valenza the spaces of the Oratory of San Bartolomeo, the city's oldest complex (17th century), host initiatives dedicated to contemporary art. In Alice bel Colle, work is also in progress to create the widespread premises of the Museum of Contemporary Art MUST, a development of the ABC 360° project MUSiAT Alice Bel Colle MuSeo internazionale in progress Arte Territorio.