Welcome in Piemonte!

Piemonte. An unexpected experience!

Relaxation, open spaces for your outdoor activities in the snow, excellent wines and products that
have made Piedmont internationally renowned, cities packed with artistic and architectural
treasures. The art of good living along with all its experiences awaits you in our region.

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Spectacular surroundings and more than 1350 km of slopes

Piedmont offers you plenty of opportunities to immerse yourself in spectacular natural
environments. Alongside the more than 50 skiing areas is an extensive network of routes and trails
for sledding and snowboarding, ski mountaineering and ice climbing, snowshoeing or cross-country
skiing. Numerous experiences surrounded by a habitat where alpine villages, peaks and wildlife are
perfect subjects for photography enthusiasts.

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Welcoming tasty food

Even in the white silence of nature and discovery amidst valleys and villages, the food and wine of
Piedmont is second to none. Great alpine cheeses accompany the star of the mountain, polenta:
from Toma di Oropa and Lanzo to Maccagno; from Blu del Moncenisio to Bettelmatt from the Walser valleys of Ossola to Castelmagno; from Robiola of the hills to Gorgonzola of the plains. And then there are traditional dishes such as first courses based on mountain potatoes: cajettes from the upper Val di Susa, ravioles from the Cuneo Occitan valleys, soupa barbëtta from the Waldensian valleys, paniccia from Macugnaga, mortadella from Ossola, and game. Local products are used in desserts and biscuits: Focaccia di Susa, canestrelli, gofri and miacce, chestnut cakes and paste di meliga corn biscuits. The perfect pairings are the "heroic" mountain wines, originating from extreme vineyards and now rediscovered: Avanà, Becuet, Baratuciat, Ramiè and the mysterious ice wine.

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Past masterpieces and the artistic avant-garde

In Piedmont you can marvel at the UNESCO-listed Baroque architectural masterpieces, the villages
and lively cities of art at any time of the year. Discover villas, castles and gardens and the
widespread wealth of contemporary art. Winter here is packed with exhibitions and museums,
Christmas events and, not to be missed, the famous Luci d'Artista in Turin until 8 January 2023.

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Regenerating slowness

Winter is the ideal time for reconnecting with yourself. In Piedmont, you can walk in the footsteps
of spirituality and history on the paths of the Sacri Monti (Sacred Mountains) or the Via Francigena
trails, the Shroud and Romanesque routes or the Jewish art itineraries; the Alta Via dei Walser or
the path of the Glorious Repatriation of the Waldensians.

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Immerse yourself in slowness that regenerates

In Piedmont you can find spirituality and history, by walking the paths of the Sacred Mountains or the routes of Via Francigena, visiting the Sacra di San Michele a monument and symbol of the Region or by walking on the Holy Shroud Paths, the Romanesque Routes, the Jewish art itineraries and the path of the Glorious Repatriation of the Waldensians.

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