Contemporary art at Oasi Zegna

At Oasi Zegna, the nature park very close to Biella, land art relies on countless little colourful flags to convey its message. These flags wave on the roof of Lanificio Zegna in Trivero and were created by the French artist Daniel Buren. With their installation in 2007, the new public art project called “ALL’APERTO” (In the open air) and supported by Fondazione Zegna was launched and celebrated. It is an itinerary of permanent works in full harmony with the nature and history of the site. You can find the sculpture-time by Roman Signer, which is a street clock without hands emitting steam clouds; the twelve cement benches that the author Alberto Garutti dedicated to some dogs in the districts of Trivero, I Telepati (The Telepathics) or “heavy heads” by Stefano Arienti who has managed to provide local schools with a wi-fi connection thanks to his works, I baci più dolci del vino (Kisses sweeter than wine), which is the new “garden of delights” by Marcello Malomberti and is available for the whole community. Outside the village, on the Panoramica Zegna, you can find Two Way Mirror - Hedge Arabesque, which is Dan Graham's glass and steel pavilion that captures and reflects the colours of the splendid Conca dei Rododendri in an infinite play. There is another work that guides the discovery of the installations: 29.88 KMQ by Liliana Moro is a new "info-point" at the entrance to Trivero, but it is also a special interactive map in the Pro Loco office with the artist's voice illustrating the works along the route.