In the realm of fantasy

In the realm of fantasy

Ogres, fairies and knights lives in the Bosco delle Meraviglie Park (Forest of Wonders) in S. Ambrogio di Torino, at the foot of the Sacra di San Michele: it’s an interactive itinerary through an enchanted forest where real actors narrate the stories of fantastical characters and animals. In Omegna the Parco della Fantasia “Gianni Rodari” (Fantasy Park Gianni Rodari) is a magical place where you will enjoy activities, workshops and exhibitions. In Alagna, in the Alagna Valsesia area in the heart of Mount Rosa, there’s Tokji’s Village at 2.046 meters above sea level and reachable with the lifts from Alagna in just over 10 minutes: it’s a real village made up of houses, swings, slides, small rope walls to climb and many other games placed in flowery meadows and pastures in Pianalunga.


From dinosaurs to safaris

In San Secondo di Pinerolo (TO) the Parco Dinosauri Lost World (Dinosaur park Lost World) includes a water park and a prehistoric park with life-size dinosaurs (for schools only). The Zoom Zoo in Cumiana (TO) has an actual archipelago of small islands in a jungle, where you can discover the inhabitants of the park. You will be amazed by the first Italian immersive bio-park experience, created for protecting those species in danger of extinction with its 11 natural habitats and more than 300 animals. During summer, you can freshen up swimming in a large swimming pool that resemble a typical tropical environment just beside a tank full of penguins. The Safari Park in Pombia (NO), among the largest of its kind in Italy, you will get through a 5 km itinerary of prairies crowded with wild animals, comfortably sitting in your car or in a mini-train.


Coloring the landscape

The big benches and giant pencils installed in the vineyards and the most panoramic places of the Langhe, Roero and Monferrato areas are the perfect combination of fantasy, colours and wonderful landscapes.