Piemonte at Sirha 2019


Piemonte takes part at the Sirha 2019 exhibition, on the occasion of  the Bocuse d'Or world final with a stand inside the Partners' Village, open to journalists and operators of the  Ho.Re.Ca. sector. From January 28 to 30, 2019 Piemonte presents the best products of its rich food and wine heritage, paired with the noble DOC and DOCG labels, offered by the Piemonte Land of Perfection Consortium.  In the region which made the history of aperitif with the invention of the vermouth, born in 1786 in Torino, the tastings at the stand will be opened by the excellent distillate offered by the Vermouth Institute of Torino. A gourmet experience is guaranteed by cured meats such as "Salame cotto PAT" and Salame Piemonte IGP", Filetto baciato ("salami-kissed fillet") and a yummi dish of "plin" (or "pinch", hand-made small ravioli), along with a variety of sweets and biscuits like Amaretti PAT, Baci di dama di Tortona PAT ("Ladies's Kisses from Tortona") and the hazelnut cake PAT. Among the prestigious ambassadors of Piemonte in Lyon also the rice with a steaming Carnaroli "risotto" with Castelmagno PDO cheese, offered by the Riso di Baraggia Biellese e Vercellese DOP Consortium. A tasty touch of Italy will be given by a plate of "pasta al pomodoro" (fresh pasta with tomato sauce), waiting for the great challenge of the Italian Team at the world final.