World Bee Day – Piedmont Region’s meeting in Stupinigi


“The World Bee Day and the development prospects of apiculture. The comparison of the institutions and the supply chain.” This is the title of the event organized on Friday 20th May by the Department of Agriculture and Food of Piedmont Region, in collaboration with VisitPiemonte at Palazzina di Caccia of Stupinigi in Nichelino.  


The 2017 resolution of United Nations declared the 20th May of every year the World Bee Day to bring to the attention of citizens, media, and policy makers, the importance of bees and all pollinators. Bees, wasps, butterflies, ladybirds, spiders, reptiles, birds and even mammals contribute to the food safety, to the subsistence of hundreds million people and to the ecosystem functioning and habitat conservation. Around 70% of the main worldwide agricultural crops benefit from the animal pollination. In Italy, the economic evaluation to pollinate the Italian agricultural areas is equal to approximately 3 billion euros per year.


The meeting in Stupinigi is introduced by the Councillor of Agriculture, Food, Hunting and Fishing of Piedmont Region, and supervised by Paolo Balocco, Director of Agriculture and Food, and Gianfranco Latino, Head of Agricultural and Livestock Production Sector. It will deal with various topics of current events, regarding the state of the industry, the production in Piedmont and in Italy, the biodiversity and the environmental protection, and funds for beekeepers. It will also submit innovative projects.


The Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forestry and the State Secretary of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Ministry will participate at this meeting, in addition to the representatives of trade associations.


The meeting is free entry, subject to availability. Registration is required through the appropriate online form here, where you can find the complete program as well.

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