The quality grapes of Piedmont also produce excellent spirits which delight the palate and warm the soul, beginning with Branda, as grappa is called in dialect. A great variety of grappas is on offer: some are flavored, while others are aged or refined in wooden barrels. Not to be missed are Grappa di Barolo and Grappa Piemontese – both promoted and protected by the Istituto Grappa Piemonte – as well as the soft Grappa di Moscato.

 To cap off an abundant Piedmontese meal or to indulge in meditation during a break, you may wish to try one of the vast selection of spirits flavored with Alpine herbs, such as the Arquebuse del Piemonte PAT, the Liquore di genziana del Piemonte PAT, the Genepy del Moncenisio PAT or the Garus susino PAT. The name of some of these spirits recall delightful memories of times past, such as the pleasant Ratafià di Andorno Micca, a typical digestif of the province of Biella: originally made from black cherries, it is now found in other varieties – juniper, walnut and apricot. Also on offer are Rosolio del Piemonte PAT, made with roses and herbs, and the hazelnut liqueur Nocciolino di Chivasso PAT, produced in the town of the same name located at the gates of Turin. Finally, we must mention the warming Barolo chinato, even if it is actually a flavored wine