The true star of Piemonte’s food basket is the Alba White Truffle, celebrated every year in autumn at the International Alba White Truffle Fair and at the World White Truffle Auction as well as in very important events devoted to the truffle in the Monferrato area, crossing the Asti and Alessandria province. A dash of freshly grated white truffle can turn a risotto, a dish of “tajarin” (fresh egg handmade pasta) or a raw meat salad into a delightful experience. The Tuber magnatum pico, or Piemonte’s white gold, is found in the Langhe, Roero and Monferrato area, as well as in the Tortonese, in the province of Alessandria, in the late summer, in autumn and at the beginning of winter. How to learn more about this hidden treasure, its environment and local traditions? You can choose among daily guided excursions for small groups, including truffle hunting and tasting of the precious mushroom combined with specialties and wines, or to take part at one of the several aroma and sensory workshops for example at the Centro Nazionale Studi sul tartufo (National center for the Study of Truffles) or cooking courses organized in the area from October to the beginning of December. Going for truffles in Piemonte means to live an unusual and exciting experience in deep contact with man and nature, surrounded by woods and fog, in an environment of great suggestion, where you’ll be guided by a professional trifulau (truffle seeker) and his specially trained dogs (the so called tabui) at the discovery of the hidden secret…Things to do at least once in life? Come to Piemonte and enjoy the “food of the Gods”!