Sfida al Barocco. Roma Torino Parigi 1680 – 1750


Defying the Baroque is the extraordinary exhibition in Reggia di Venaria displays more than 200 pieces of art from worlds greatest museums and private collections. The exceptional event is inspired by modernity. It is a bland of new forms and languages which were at play at the turn of XVII and XVIII centuries between Paris and Rome where Turin played its part. The exposition of theatrical paintings, altarpieces, sculptures, architectural models, furnishings and ornaments will open its doors from 13 March 2020 to 14 June 2020 at Juvarra's Citroneria. The exhibition, created by the 1563 Foundation for Art and Culture, powered by the Compagnia di San Paolo, is organized by the Consorzio delle Residenze Reali Sabaude.

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