#parchidavivere Discover the natural Parks in Piedmont and post your pictures on social media


2 National Parks: Gran Paradiso and Val Grande; a total of 77 regional Natural Parks and Reserves, 7 Special Reserves for the Sacri Monti del Piemonte (Italian for sacred mountains of Piedmont), 4 UNESCO MAB Reserves (Man and the Biosphere), special conservation areas, sites of community importance, Wwf Oasis and protected natural areas. The untouched environment in Piedmont is wide, easily accessible and makes you immerse yourself in a totally different world to explore. This is possible thanks to the vast net of paths, the visitor centres and the many initiatives addressed to younger and older tourists.

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A never-ending source of beauty and outdoors experiences. The many landscapes range from the wildest peaks to the wet areas near lakes and rivers, up to the hills, where you can find ancient fossils. There are habitats of perfect biodiversity where you can find wildlife and rare flowers, and follow paths to observe the world around you without any rush.

A “four seasons” beauty that gives its best in this period of the year with the awakening of nature. In these moments, you can’t help but taking pictures to keep as memory of the experience or to share with friends. The digital magazine “Piemonte Parchi” and the Direzione Ambiente, Energia e Territorio, more specifically the department for Sustainable development, Biodiversity, and Natural Areas of Regione Piemonte, created the hashtag #parchidavivere for Facebook and Instagram to show the pictures of visitors: It is a true call to action that you can find on the new webpage of Regione Piemonte and it is addressed to the natural parks in Piedmont. It creates a virtual space where you can discover this world and gathers together protected areas, special conservation areas and sites of community importance. It is like a window that overlooks nature, giving to the user an interactive map with all areas, the latest news, the list of the websites of these protected areas and the shared feelings of those who spend time in the parks. On the website you can download the special issue of the magazine Piemonte Parco under the name of “A piedi nella natura piemontese”, presenting 40 amazing itineraries.

Discover here the Protected Parks and Areas of Piedmont

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