Province of Verbano Cusio Ossola

Walking or cycling at high altitude overlooking the lake, discovering one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the Alps, travelling between Italy and Switzerland along the road Napoleon Bonaparte wanted in 1800.  Among fascinating stretches of water, valleys of unspoilt nature, peaks and traces of border defence works, all the charm of an area that attracts with its thousands of proposals.

Simplon Road

In antiquity a path, in the Middle Ages a mule track, in the 17th century a paved road, in the 19th century an 'imperial' carriage road, today it is a tourist route included among the great Alpine routes of Europe.

Strada Cascata del Toce - Riale - Passo San Giacomo

10.928 km long, it is located in the municipality of Formazza and reaches the Swiss border. It was built from 1929 onwards for the construction of the Castel and Toggia dams, a true masterpiece with a gentle gradient and perfect hairpin bends. Route on foot and by MTB.





Strada Cadorna 

It is a military road belonging to the defence system designed between 1899 and 1918 to protect the Italian territory from a possible attack from beyond the Alps. It features trenches, infirmaries, barracks, barbettes, shelters and bunkers. The various stretches are passable by regulated motor vehicles (except for the Prato Michelaccio/Mulattiera - Montorfano closed due to a landslide), on foot and by mountain bike.

  • Colle - Passo Folungo - Pian Vadà and climb up to Monte Spalavera: approximately 13 km
  • Ornavasso - Forte di Bara - Punta di Migiandone: 3.347 km
  • Prato Michelaccio/Mulattiera – Montorfano: approximately 6 km
  • Pian Cavallo - Cima Morissolo: 2.220 km