High-altitude havens for both 2 and 4-wheeled motor vehicles

Historic mountain routes, high-altitude havens for true enthusiasts, including motorized ones: these are the former military, trade and smuggling roads, ingenious wonders surrounded by peaks and magnificent landscapes, forests, pastures and historical memories.

The Alta Via del Sale in the Cuneo area and, in the province of Turin, the Strada dell'Assietta, the Colle delle Finestre and the Colle del Sommeiller, and then the Strada dello Jafferau, the 8 routes of the Monti della Luna and that of Valle Argentera.

A world that can also be discovered aboard both two and four-wheeled motor vehicles, albeit, with care and respect for the environment and those who are walking and cycling.


Alta Via del Sale


Strada Susa-Meana di Susa-Colle delle Finestre-Prà Catinat-Depot di Fenestrelle


Strada dell’Assietta


Strada Bardonecchia-Rochemolles-Rifugio Scarfiotti - Colle del Sommeiller


Le Strade dei Monti della Luna


Strada Fenil-Pramand-Foëns-Jafferau con la Galleria Seguret “dei Saraceni”


Strada della Valle Argentera