Alta Via del Sale

A spectacular dirt road in the Maritime Alps that runs between 1,800 and 2,100 metres above sea level near the Italian-French border, along the former military road that connected the forts of the Alpine defence system on the border between Italy and France between the 18th century and World War II. Approximately 30 km long, it runs entirely along a dirt road and can be used by bicycles and motor vehicles for tourist purposes.



Altopiano della Gardetta

The place is the geological and environmental heritage of the province of Cuneo, as the plateau still preserves remains attributable to a prehistoric seabed, with tracks and fossil remains of prehistoric animals. The road that runs along it is completely unpaved and was built for military purposes in the 18th century. The barracks built in the 19th century are now the site of the refuge. The route, which covers 26 km between 2,300 and 2,450 metres above sea level, is accessible on foot and by bicycle and is closed to motor vehicles.



Cammino di Sant’Anna di Vinadio

A spiritual itinerary in the homonymous valley in Valle Stura, with the Sanctuary located at 2035 metres above sea level, established between the 11th and 12th centuries as a hospice for wayfarers. There are two parallel routes with different traffic flows. The Cammino (52 km long from Cuneo) can be walked and cycled. It is closed to motor vehicle transit during the winter months.



Ciclovia del Duca

The route represents an important access from the lower Cuneo and Monregalese regions to the Alta Via del Sale, through the splendid scenery of the Marguareis Park, along the route of the recently recovered old military carriageway 194 (Certosa di Pesio - Colle della Boaria). 15 km long, it can be covered on foot, by MTB, e-bike and on horseback.



Curnis Auta

A loop tour around Valle Grana, linking it with Val Maira to the north and Valle Stura to the south. A continuous change of scenery makes it extremely interesting from a landscape, natural and historical point of view as it crosses the area of Monte Bram, Paraloup, and Chiot Rosa, places where the likes of Galimberti, Dante Livio Bianco, and Nuto Revelli all played their part in writing the history of Italy. The departure is from the Filatoio di Caraglio (silk mill), an asset symbolising the historical and artistic wealth of the area. The itinerary, to be covered preferably on foot, has stretches suitable for MTBs and e-bikes: it is designed as a route in stages and has no particular technical difficulties.


Strada dei Cannoni

A military road dating to the early 18th century built by Charles Emmanuel III as a logistical work and modernised in the late 1930s to allow the transit of motor vehicles. At 40 km long, it is asphalted for a stretch of 2 kilometres, connecting the provincial roads of Lemma and Valmala, creating an ideal loop for cycle tourism routes. It can be enjoyed on foot and by bicycle and is currently closed to cars and motorbikes for safety reasons.


Roburent High Trail

The itinerary is accessible from three different valleys (Stura, Grana and Maira) and starts at Passo della Gardetta. It connects the homonymous plateau with Colle della Maddalena and proceeds among the rocky peaks that separate the Maritime Alps from the Cottian Alps. 16 picturesque kilometres on a former military road that was created at the turn of the 18th century as part of the defensive works along the French-Italian border.


Pian della casa del Re and cross-border passes

A trade route with France dating back to the 14th century that also assumed military importance from the 19th century onwards.

Pagari Road

The route was of particular commercial importance as a transit route between Italy and France: along the route there are ruins of fortresses built largely at the end of the 19th century and partly in the 1930s.

Road Vei del Bouc - Sabbione

The route in its first part follows the itinerary of the Strada del Pagarì (proposed in another card) and similarly provides access to the Valle delle Meraviglie (Valley of Wonders).

Sabbione Road

Connects the Cuneo area with the French Valle Roya through the splendid Valle delle Meraviglie (Valley of Wonders), where over thirty-five thousand prehistoric rock engravings can be found.

Madonna delle Finestre Road

The route crosses an area of great environmental value, in the heart of the Alpi Marittime Nature Park and the neighbouring Parc National du Mercantour.

Bersezio - Ferrere link road

Frequented in the past by smugglers and shepherds, the road connected the village of Bersezio at the bottom of the valley with Ferrere, the last village before the great Alpine pastures.

Landandè hiking route

A journey of almost 50 km among the environmental, food and wine and cultural attractions of 7 Monregalese municipalities.

Ancient Road of Mount Momburgo

Devotional route of naturalistic, monumental and historical-cultural interest in the hilly area of Monregalese area.