Around Biella and High Valsesia Valley

In the Lands of Upper Piedmont, historical routes tell of the arrival and settlement of the German-speaking Walser settlers in Valsesia, but also of the places of the heretic preacher Fra' Dolcino da Novara and the passages of military artillery on the ancient high-altitude paths. In the Biellese region, discover the alpine route dedicated to mountain women and one of Piedmont's most celebrated landscapes, the Panoramica Zegna.

Via Regia: along the Antica Via d'Aosta

The route (7.8 km) is a historic mule track that connects Alagna Valsesia with Gressoney St. Jean, in Valle d'Aosta, enabling the exploration of an area settled by Walser colonists since 1300. Many Valsesian emigrants crossed Colle Valdobbia, 2480 metres above sea level along this path, braving the dark, fatigue, cold and fog. It can be covered on foot and by MTB.



High Villa Trail in Val Vogna

Also known as the "Alta Via dei Walser", the trail is totally dedicated to visiting the settlements of the population settled in medieval times.


Otro Valley Road

Dotted with villages and signs of popular religiosity, the Otro plateau has been colonised by German-speaking Walser people since the 14th century.


Mud Hill Road

The road, exclusively pedestrian, connects Alagna to Rima crossing ancient mountain pastures at the base of which the first hamlet of Alagna was founded by the Walser.


Turlo Pass

The route is an old path, which was transformed by the Alpine soldiers between 1929 and 1931 into a walkable work with small artillery.


Route of Friar Dolcino

A trek in Alta Valsesia to discover the places of the heretic preacher Friar Dolcino da Novara and his followers.


Tracciolino - Overview Zegna

63 km through the spectacular balcony of the Biella mountains, one of the most celebrated settings in Piedmont, rich in scenic and cultural attractions, nature and traditions.


Sentiero Rosazza– Colle della Gragliasca

This 7.360-kilometre-long hiking mule track is the historical link between the Alta Valle Cervo in Piedmont and the Gressoney Valley in Valle di Gressoney in Valle d'Aosta. It is dedicated to mountain women, celebrating their demanding work, and features valuable artefacts and rock engravings along the route.