Air Sports

Gone with the wind towards the blue sky! If all you want is thrills and sincere fun, here in Piedmont you can find exciting opportunities for an amazing experience from above, on a hot-air balloon or on a helicopter, with a hang-glider or with a paraglider.


For your very first time on a hot-air balloon you should choose for instance the Vineyard Landscape of Piedmont: Langhe-Roero and Monferrato, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The breeze will set the course and will let you fly over vineyards and rows of hazelnut trees, as well as over towers and castles, with gentle hills on the background and a view of the Alps in the distance. A trip in the “Italian capital” of hot-air ballooning brings us to Mondovì, a city in the province of Cuneo, where every year the Aero Club attracts enthusiasts from all over Europe for the International Epiphany Balloon Meeting.


If you want to experience the very special “Angel’s Flight” you need to go to Aurano, located on the high grounds around Lake Maggiore, and try the Zipline. It allows you to fly for about 2 km (around 6000 ft) between the mountains and hills of Intrasca Valley latched on to a steel cable and at a maximum speed of 120/140 km/h (75/85 mph)! There is nothing like this in Europe and it is a form of free flight suitable for everyone: couples, individuals and also children, but only if accompanied by an adult.