Snow, an authentic experience

Snow in Piedmont: your dream holiday

One thousand three hundred fifty kilometres of slopes, over fifty ski resorts, fourteen snow parks, first-class accommodation, state-of-the-art facilities and a highly developed system of mountain refuges: the Piedmont Alps feature breath-taking surroundings and immersive outdoor experiences set against a powdery white wonderland. From the Cuneo valleys, with their distinctive pyramid-shaped silhouette of the Monviso, to the Turin Alps; from the Biella area to the Monte Rosa massif and the pristine landscapes of the Ossola area: a natural paradise both for skiers, snowboarders and freeriders, as well as for anyone looking for leisurely outings with family and friends, for a day on the snow with the kids, for enchanted cross-country skiing trails through the woods and the opportunity to discover authentic mountain villages.

Besides, we also provide a great welcome to ensure that you can relax and enjoy great food and various winter activities.