Moncalvo & Orsolina28


Welcome to the oldest historic capital of Monferrato, the smallest city today in Italy, in the heart of the Asti area. Approximately 20 km from the capital Asti, Moncalvo is easily reached by the road connecting Asti and Casale Monferrato, while you savour a relaxing landscape cultivated in vineyards whose fruit produces noble DOCG and DOC wine labels.

Nicknamed the “balcone del Monferrato” (the “balcony of Monferrato”), Moncalvo invites you to admire the vast and beautiful panorama of the Monferrato hills from the Ramparts of Piazza Carlo Alberto, part of the original castle fortified by the Monferrato marquises (XIII century). Piazza Carlo Alberto directly faces onto Piazza Garibaldi, creating a wide urban space: first, the façade of the only European synagogue to be built on a main piazza stands out, testament to one of the oldest and most influential Jewish communities in Piedmont. The Teatro Storico (1878) faces onto Piazza Garibaldi, still active, built on the 17th century site of the guard-house. The Civic Museum organises shows and houses works by Italian and international artists, including Giorgio Morandi, Modigliani, and Chagall. Walking along the streets of the centre, you discover a succession of historic residences, stores, and wine bars for enriching the pantry with local treats. Among the many precious religious buildings, the oldest church, the Chiesa della Madonna delle Grazie (parish church of Moncalvo from 1536 to 1623) stands out, and the Chiesa di San Francesco, which preserves important works by the famous Piedmont painter Guglielmo Caccia, called Moncalvo.

A short distance from there, you reach the Sacro Monte di Crea, with the large natural park-reserve (which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sacri Monti [Sacred Mountains] circuit of Piedmont). This offers an extensive network of outdoor excursions for discovering Monferrato, with many panoramic cycle routes in the hills.

And here in Moncalvo, the Orsolina28 creative hub was founded, the centre that promotes international dance excellence (but also performances of music, theatre, and art) following the rhythms and rules marked out by nature and offering a collective experience in the natural setting of vineyard-covered hills. The core of Orsolina28's philosophy is the green element, respect for the natural beauty of these places, divided into classrooms for wellness and for school, the open-air swimming pool, ebikes for discovering the surrounding panoramas, the themed greenhouse with a nursery for orchids, an excellent restaurant, and much more. A hub of contemporary art and culture, with a rich annual calendar of events, Orsolina28 Art Foundation has scheduled the Symphony in Rock for you on 10 September 2023. The show is an innovative and engaging meeting between symphonic music and rock in the Monferrato on Stage events calendar, produced as part of the Oro Monferrato [Monferrato Gold] project. In its 8th edition, the festival of events – from wine and food and music to the discovery of Monferrato – will bring the Orchestra Sinfonica di Asti, directed by Maestro Silvano Pasini and the electric guitar of Andrea Braido, onto the stage of Orsolina 28.