MAGNA CHARTA in Vercelli


MAGNA CHARTA. Guala Bicchieri and his legacy. Tracing back Europe in Vercelli during XIII century "

From March 23 to June 9, 2019 the great exhibition at the Arca Center in Vercelli, for the 800th anniversary of the Basilica of Sant'Andrea, opens an important choral project, that let the visitor discover a heritage of the highest value belonging to the city’s history and today preserved at the Francesco Leone Museum and the Museum of the Treasure of the Cathedral, the State Archive of the City and the Francesco Borgogna Museum. The precious bonnet and enamels of Limoges (from Palazzo Madama - Museo d'Arte Antica di Torino), objects and portraits, codes, papers and parchments on display show a significant chapter of the European history, which saw on the scene Cardinal Guala Bicchieri and the Magna Charta Libertatum. As Pope legate at the English court and mentor of the young king Henry III, the Vercelli prelate affixed his seal in the revised manuscript of Magna Charta dating back 1261 and in the 1217 definitive version exposed today in Vercelli. Two years later, in 1219, Guala Bicchieri started the construction of the Basilica of Sant'Andrea, which is consider one of the first and most important examples of Gothic architecture in Italy.