Piemonte is a must destination for every shopping lover, thanks to an original mix of traditional craftsmanship and creative out-of-box thinking. Treat yourself to an exclusive travel experience made of marvelous cashmere and fine wool fabrics, with a trip to the Biella textile district, known worldwide for its long lasting history and tradition of making yarns. In Valenza Po, in the Alessandria area, you will be dazzled by the high jewelery, true wonders produced by an ancient goldsmith's school of great imagination and creative ability. Discover the inimitable industrial and car design and let you have glamorous fashion, thanks to designers who have written relevant chapters in the history of Italian and international costume, in Torino and Cuneo. A must for décor enthusiasts, looking for ingenious and elegant solutions is the Household Good District, in the Verbania Cusio Ossola province, which represents one of the most prominent and renowned Italian industrial poles in this branch. If you want a genuine taste of Piemonte, a real triumph of savour and flavor awaits you with our great range of inimitable products. You will have a long love story with our artisanal chocolate, precious wines and Alba white truffles. A food and wine heritage that reflects the multifaceted richness of a territory blessed by nature, in particular the Vineyard Landscape of Langhe Roero and Monferrato UNESCO. Spoiled for choice? In Piemonte, shopping is always first – class and exquisite quality.