In Piedmont, there is a wide selection of tourist attractions for all foreign travellers and in addition, this region takes into special account all the members of the LGBTQI community. The city of Turin, a baroque gem on the banks of the river Po, houses more than 50 museums and film contemporary art festivals which are known worldwide. This city hosts important LGBTQI events, such as the annual LGBT Film Festival, or the very popular Pride Parade ( which also takes place in Alba and in Novara). The Lago Maggiore lake, with its picturesque cities and the Borromean Islands, is internationally renowned for its natural beauty and unique micro-climate. This place stands out for its historic hospitality tradition and it is no wonder that it is one of the favourite venues for international wedding. From its lakes to its vineyard landscapes in Langhe Roero and in Monferrato (a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2014), this region is a land to be discovered following the Wine, Cheese and Honey routes, visiting medieval villages, castles, wine shops and cellars. Enjoy a pleasant break from the everyday life thanks to delicious tastings and mind-blowing culinary experiences. Take a look to the FRIENDLY PIEMONTE project and all tourist offers.