Theme & Adventure Parks

Adventures for young explorers

In Piedmont, you are spoilt for choice! You can enjoy yourselves doing “tarzaning” on rope bridges hanging in midair, sliding down water slides and swimming in pools by the lake; you can feel the thrill of driving on kart tracks or proving yourselves on skateboard ramps. Besides these more adventurous paths, you can also spend your time in beautiful oasis full of animals from all over the
world. Where to?

In Biella

Adventures parks, such as Parco Avventura Oropa and Parco Avventura Veglio in the province of Biella, are waiting for you! Here, you can spend a whole day ‘hanging’ in nature (literally!). You can challenge yourselves with tree climbing or in the very first bungee centre in Italy.

In Turin and in Cuneo

The province of Turin offers a wealth of activities such as the Parco Tre Querce park which is located in the hills or the Chaberton Adventure Park and the Bardonecchia Adventure Park , an
acrobatic park for safe "high altitude" walks, both located in the mountains of the Susa Valley. In the Susa Valley, at the foot of the mountain on which stands the Sacra di San Michele, you will find the first interactive emotion park: the enchanted Bosco delle Meraviglie.

At the Lago Maggiore lake

On the Lago Maggiore, in Baveno, you will have a lot of fun at the Acquaadventure Park. Another not-to-be-missed attraction is the thrilling “flight” on the superfast bobsleigh on rails in the adventure park Alpyland on the top of the mount Mottarone. In the Intrasca valley, you will find another thrilling attraction: the Zipline! This is the longest zipline in Europe, thanks to which you will fly, firmly  attached to a cable, at over 120 kilometres per hour in a straight line that goes from Pian d’Arla (1,307 metres above sea level) to Alpe Segletta (900 metres above sea level).