Accommodation facilities

Standard tourism for everyone does not exist - each traveller has specific needs that lead to the search for equally specific accommodation facilities that are able to provide clear, precise and transparent information on the details of their offer.

It is exactly in this regard that the Turismabile project has been active for years, set up by the Consulta per le Persone in Difficoltà ODV ETS (Council for People in Need), which collaborates with Piedmont's tour operator network in order to improve tourism accessibility in Piedmont and promote the region as a destination designed for All. On the website, it is in fact possible to find an accurate list of hotels, bed & breakfasts, holiday homes (but also restaurants, historical and cultural sites, sports facilities) that have made the characteristics of their facilities visible and transparent by filling in a self-report form.

This "snapshot" of the accessibility and usability of a facility is a tourist empowerment tool. In fact, the information requested in the self-report form is of interest to the traveller with specific needs, who can thus organise their trip completely autonomously, choosing from the offers available that meet their needs and requirements.

On the page you will find the facilities that have filled in the self-report form and made their characteristics transparent.