Piemonte for all

Piedmont, a land of mountains, wine, Savoy residences, as well as of welcome, hospitality and inclusiveness. For years, Piedmont's tour operators have been working together to promote tourism in the context of accessibility intended as a synonym of quality of the tourist offer.

In Piedmont, everyone can find the ideal environment for inclusive and welcoming tourism: not only people with motor, sensory or intellectual-cognitive disabilities, but also those categories of tourists with specific needs: people with food intolerances, with allergies; the elderly, families with children and people with chronic health issues.

Over the years, Piedmont's tour operators have embarked on a path of awareness and training on the topic of accessibility and usability.

Indeed, Piedmont perceives accessible tourism in a new way: it is not merely a matter of removing architectural barriers, but rather attention to detail focused on the individual guest and a welcome that meets everyone's needs, guaranteeing an easily accessible and unforgettable experience in Piedmont.