Carnival in Piemonte

Masks, musical parades, and historical reenactments

"...L' Epifania tutte le feste porta via, poi viene il Carnevale e le riporta" [...Epiphany takes every holiday away]. Then Carnival arrives and here they are again", an ancient proverb from Piedmont says.

A secular event par excellence, burlesque and cheerful, that takes place between Epiphany and Lent, Carnival has ancestral roots and combines ancient propitiatory spring rites and customs linked to the farmers' calendar.

Today, Carnival in Piedmont is a popular event of great appeal, a cultural occasion that year after year revitalizes the historical tradition in a contemporary fashion, offering a rich calendar of cultural, food and wine and folklore events for everyone. There are plenty of choices among the many initiatives that make up the colorful celebration. They all offer the opportunity to discover the different locations in the region through a day trip or a weekend or a short holiday stay.


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