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4 good reasons for an autumn holidays in Piedmont


Beauty. Between the past and the avant-garde, at any time of the year in Piedmont you can be surprised by the UNESCO World Heritage Baroque architectural masterpieces, the villages and bustling art cities. Come to admire the extraordinary spectacle of the fall foliage in villas, castles and gardens, and the widespread wealth of contemporary art: not only in museum collections but also outdoors in itineraries that combine creativity and landscape.


Freedom. The awakening of nature encourages us more than ever to take revitalizing walks in the open air, in the vibrant shades of fall. With more than 95 protected areas, among which two National Parks (P), and a myriad of routes to discover on foot or by bicycle, Piedmont offers many opportunities to immerse oneself in every season, in spectacular environments, among regenerating sounds and scents: along mountain paths as on hilly and plain itineraries or along the shores of lakes.


Taste. The autumn air in Piedmont can also be perceived in the kitchen tasting typical dishes of this time of year such as fritto misto alla Piemontese (mixed fried meat, vegetables and fruit), and the yummi vitello tonnato (veal in a tuna- flavoured mayonnaise sauce), which is irresistible in all seasons. Enjoy cream Toma cheese and a generous portion of white Alba truffle risotto! Pumpkins and hunchback thistle from Nizza Monferrato, raw and cooked vegetables are perfect for the queen of sauces: the unique bagna cauda. A mix of chestnuts from Val di Susa and Cuneo, fragrant grapes, persimmon, hazelnuts, cranberries and pears bring the warm autumn colors on your table. Then, the excellent craft beers or a glass of the superbe Piedmontese wines are the cherry on top.


Spirit. Slowness regenerates and autumn is a great time for reconnecting with yourself. In Piedmont you can find spirituality and history by going along the paths of the Sacred Mountains or the Via Francigena, the Sindonic and Romanesque Paths or the Jewish art itineraries; the Alta Via dei Walser or the path of the Glorious Repatriation of the Waldensians.


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