Safe holidays in Piedmont

We await you with open arms in a completely safe space. In Piedmont, you can enjoy a slower pace, well-being and authenticity. Immerse yourself in nature, in hamlets and in the historic town centres. Rediscover your dimension on spiritual, cultural and artistic trails across Piedmont, and enjoy truly unique experiences. Whether you are travelling alone, with friends, with your partner or your family, Piedmont will know how to win you over with its wide variety of landscapes, activities and places to discover. Welcome to Piedmont!


Here are our answers to the most frequently-asked questions:

Can I book a holiday in Piedmont for the upcoming summer?

Of course! Hotels, B&Bs, holiday apartments, farmhouses, campsites, restaurants, bars and all tourist service operators in Piedmont are ready to re-open for business, and guarantee maximum safety for the well-being of guests and workers alike, complying with the guidelines set by the health institutions.

Can I come to Piedmont from the rest of Italy or abroad?

Yes. From 3rd June, people are free to move between regions and travel to Piedmont from abroad, without the need to comply with a 14-day quarantine.

Can I come by train or plane?

Yes. On trains and planes, in stations, airports and on public transport, you'll find all the necessary information to move around safely, while respecting the required social distancing and complying with the appropriate health measures. The number of seats on different modes of transport have been reduced to ensure the safety distance between passengers. Wearing a mask is compulsory on board public transport.

For further information, we advise you to visit the websites of the airline and train companies you intend to use. 

What are the main safety measures?

The use of a mask is compulsory in indoor spaces accessible to the public and in all places and on all occasions where maintaining safety distance is not possible. Children under the age of six are exempt from this, as are the disabled and people with pathologies that do not allow for the continuous use of individual protection equipment.

What services are currently operational?

In Piedmont, most businesses have re-opened: in addition to hotels and other accommodation facilities, there's retailers, markets, bars, restaurants, trattorias, pizzerias, self-service eateries, pubs, pastry shops, ice-cream parlours, rotisseries and other food providers.  Museums, archives and libraries are mostly open or are in the process of adopting the safety measures required to open as soon as possible. Hairdressers and beauty centres are also open, and safety measures are being adopted there. For all personal services, it is necessary to book in advance and respect the minimum safety distance to prevent large groups from forming.

Do I have to wear a mask even at the bar or in the restaurant?

No. You are not required to wear a mask if you are sitting at a table, either indoors or outdoors. Use of the masks is compulsory in common areas; sanitising gel is available to patrons in different parts of the bar or restaurant. The minimum distance between patrons sitting at the bar or at tables is 1 metre; patrons and staff will be separated by physical protection barriers.

In all the above-mentioned services, people should avoid forming groups at all costs; this is why we advise booking in advance, when possible.

Can I do sports or physical activities?

Yes. All amateur outdoor sports and physical activities, even in equipped areas and parks, can be carried out individually while respecting the safety distance of at least 1 metre and using a mask in the event the space is crowded and the safety distance cannot be respected.  You can also go to gyms, pools, sports centres, both public and private, while respecting the social distancing norms and avoiding the formation of groups.

With regard to organised outdoor experiences, we advice contacting organisers in advance to allow them to manage requests as best as possible.

Can I swim in lakes and rivers?

From 3rd June, swimming in lakes and rivers is permitted. The regional analyses have guaranteed the quality of the water at 58 beaches in Piedmont.

Piedmont has been awarded 4 Blue Flags in 2020: 3 for Lake Maggiore  - Spiaggia delle Rocchette di Arona, Lido di Cannero Riviera e Lido di Cannobio -  and a brand-new one 1 for Lake d'Orta - Lido di Gozzano.

Are the tourist information offices open?

Of course! The tourist information offices (IAT) are open and at your disposal for any questions

What must I do if I experience some suspicious symptoms while in Piedmont?

If you think you are experiencing some suspicious symptoms or you think you have been infected, do not go straight to the hospital or the health facility - instead contact this free-phone number available 24/7 immediately:+39 800192020.

How can I stay updated on the development of COVID in Piedmont?

You can consult the Region's page, which is always updated and indicates the most useful measures for people choosing Piedmont as their holiday destination: