Experience the mountains in Piedmont

How many ways can you think of to experience the mountains? A trip, a weekend or a stay of several days in Piedmont will always bring emotion and adventure in a highly sustainable environment. And there are so many opportunities to ensure a travel experience full of energy and well-being in a region like ours, whose name is in itself a guarantee of mountain excellence.


Piedmont is an open-air gym where you can enjoy all the beneficial effects of nature with easy hikes, Nordic walking or more challenging

trekking trails, mountain bike, car or motorbike trails, rock climbing and climbing routes, pleasant horseback riding, open air laboratories of naturalistic photography and wild watching or a regenerating experience of forest bathing. 20,000 kilometres of itineraries and cycling-hiking trails that can be found on the portal www.piemontescape.com. There is a mine of delightful discoveries to be made, “flavoured” by millenary testimonies of art, hospitality excellence and refined cuisine.


From the Maritime and Cozie Alps of the Cuneo area, against the unmistakable outline of Monviso, to the crests of the Cozie and Graie Alps in the Turin area, from the Pennine and Lepontine mountains in the Biellese, Verbano and Valsesia districts to the Alexandrian Apennines overlooking the Ligurian Sea: here nature displays all its diversity, with wide woodlands, peaks and mule tracks, paths and plateaus, mountain huts and mountain pastures, climbing routes and valleys dotted with rural villages on the ancient transit routes of travellers and pilgrims, merchants and smugglers.


The mountain skyline is irresistible for mountaineering lovers, it features peaks over 4,000 meters such as Monte Rosa, Monviso and the Gran Paradiso massif. Piedmont boasts an extensive system of 95 protected areas and nature reserves, which also includes two national parks: the Gran Paradiso National Park was the first established in Italy (in 1922) for the ancient royal hunting ground. Its highest peak exceeds 4,000 meters and is entirely located within Italian territory. The second one is the Val Grande National Park, founded in 1992 to protect the largest natural area in Italy returned to wild life when mountain pastures were abandoned after the Second World War.