Oro Monferrato, a region waiting to be fully explored

Alto Astigiano, a land of rare, precious, and elegant authenticity

The world of the 49 municipalities in the area between Moncalvese and the Valle Versa, in the province of Asti, is rich in attractions, connected to the summer truffle and white truffle, and immersed in landscapes of soft hills and wooded areas. It should be discovered slowly, enjoying its rare, precious, and elegant authenticity, rich in important historical and cultural traces of the Paleontological and Romanesque and in fine, niche food products.

It is an area made for those who travel by new coordinates along unexplored routes: from Albugnano (with the splendid Romanesque-Gothic abbey of Santa Maria di Vezzolano) to Cocconato (one of Piedmont’s “Borghi più belli d'Italia” [Most Beautiful Italian Villages]), from Castagnole Monferrato (with the precious Ruchè vines) to Castelnuovo Don Bosco (the hometown of the famous, social-minded saint and founder of the Salesians) and Penango (site of a Michelin-starred restaurant). “Oro Monferrato” [Monferrato Gold] is the precious thread that binds art, history, the royal flavour of the truffle and other magnificent treasures of the earth, transformed by expert hands into a unique and rare story in our dishes. Elements of rare beauty are scattered across the region like gold nuggets that, like gold, have an innate, natural value.

“Oro Monferrato” is the new destination: come and discover the authenticity, villages, historical and artistic routes, a tradition that is authentically rural and an ancient and highly prestigious wine-making vocation: www.oromonferrato.it