Baroque art in the Turin region


Itineraries of the “AMAZING SPACES: between civil pride and Baroque illusion, in the great plain south of Turin” project, sponsored by Compagnia di San Paolo:

a) 24 October 2020: “Amazing workshops: 17th and 18th century woodcarving in the Carignano territory”: a tour to discover the Baroque wooden sculptures preserved in the churches of Carignano, Vinovo and Piobesi Torinese (this itinerary will be included in the Grand Tour programme by the Abbonamento Musei Association)

b) "Quadraturista paintings: a triumph of illusion”: a tour to discover the great trompe l’oeil paintings of the artists of the first half of the 18th century, between Carignano, Virle Piemonte, Piobesi Torinese and Vinovo

c) "Seven Works of Charity - Confraternities and Companies for Physical and Spiritual Assistance”: a tour to discover the great artistic heritage of 17th and 18th century confraternity churches between Moncalieri, Carignano, Villastellone, Pancalieri, Castagnole Piemonte, Piobesi Torinese and Vinovo

Carignano region