Since XV century the Holy Shroud has followed the story of the Savoy dynasty and today is preserved in the Cathedral of Torino, in the left transept under the Royal Gallery. The Shroud is a linen sheet with a faint impression of an image, the frontal and dorsal one of a man who suffered the death of crucifixion. According to the tradition, it is the cloth mentioned in the Gospels that wrapped the body of Jesus in the tomb. The Shroud is visible to the public only on occasion of public displays.

The Museum of the Holy Shroud is located in the crypt of the Most Holy Shroud Church provides a detailed overview of the scientific investigations from the 16th century to the contemporary research, in particular to the exceptional three-dimensional image of the face of the Man of the Shroud, elaborated by Giovanni Tamburelli and his team in 1978. It’s the only space in Europe dedicated to a wide range of studies on the material, the micro-traces, the forensic investigations, on the prints of the coins left on the sheet and on the iconographic analysis of the Holy Shroud.

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