Sordevolo: Waiting for the great play of the Passion of Christ in 2020

In 2020 Sordevolo, in the province of Biella, will be the stage of the impressive representation of the Passione di Sordevolo (Passion of Sordevolo). The event, which takes place every five years, involves the entire community of 1,400 people in a two-century old tradition, for an authentic experience of popular culture with 400 players, 36 side character, a 5,000 square meters scenery and 300 people behind the scenes.

A fascinating event for all people loving cultural and spiritual experiences, which will be enriched by the popular celebration dedicated to the 5th centenary of the Coronation of the Madonna of Oropa, the solemn gesture which takes place every 100 years, starting in 1620, in the Basilica, located near the Sacred Mount UNESCO.

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