The Jewish Communities of Piemonte represent a precious source to retrace and discover the social and economic life, history, culture and art of the Jewish in Piemonte, from the XV century until today, passing through the Albertine Statute, with which King Charles Albert on the 29th March 1848 granted the civil rights to Jews and other "non-Catholic" communities living in the Savoy kingdom. Today the three main and most active Communities are open to visitors in Torino, where to visit the synagogue and the library, in Vercelli, with the Synagogue and the Jewish Museum, and in Casale Monferrato, with its Synagogue and the Museum of Lights, a splendid collection of Chanukka lamps (the eight-branched candelabrum symbol of Hanukkah) and the Museum of ancient Jewish art and history, which houses one of the most important collections of Jewish art in Europe.