Art and spirituality itineraries

In Piemonte you breath art everywhere, in cities and towns, churches and fortresses, museums and castles. An extraordinary heritage to explore little by little, along itineraries and architectural walking tours. From the Romanesque masterpieces to the most original expressions of contemporary art, with a special space devoted to the multifaceted world of Piedmontese Baroque, you will discover a thousand and more different Piemonte. Also on the paths of faith Piemonte has much to say, with a true artistic treasure trove ranging from the 7 Sacred Mounts to the abbeys, from the sanctuaries to the beautiful synagogues, which are among the most relevant Jewish artistic heritage in Italy. On the High Road of the Walser to know the religious art and Walser tradition in the Valsesia area or on the trails of the Waldensian culture in Val Pellice, Val Germanasca and Val Chisone near Torino? Thirst for art and culture? Join the journey!