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Beauty, Freedom, Flavour and Spirit. Ancient hamlets and contemporary art. Cities of art and unique landscapes. Experience Piedmont your way − roam across peaks, plains, hills and lakes in the 96 protected natural areas and 5 UNESCO World Heritage sites. Enjoy a gentler pace on the pilgrim trails or recharge your batteries along 20,000 kilometres of walking and cycling paths. Breathe in the open spaces on over 1,350 kilometres of slopes dedicated to snow sports and 50 skiing stations. Sit down and savour the food of this unique land, which offers a remarkable mouth-watering selection: from truffles to rice, exquisite cheeses and wines to chocolate treats, you can decide whether to experience it all in one of 46 Michelin-star restaurants, traditional trattorias, wine bars, wine cellars, historic cafes or high-altitude refuges. Harmonious contrasts make for unforgettable vacations.

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