Baroque Program - Grand Tour


From March to July, the new Grand Tour program by the Associazione Abbonamento Musei will offer more than 50 itineraries, by foot and by bus, to explore Baroque art across the Piedmont region.

Extraordinary architectures, precious furnishing and paintings hosted in churches, oratories, shrines and synagogues will be open to the public. Beyond Turin, it will be possible to visit noble palaces located in large nearby cities such as Vercelli, Asti and Novara, as well as in the suggestive villages of the Monferrato, Monregalese or Canavese areas, and in Alps valleys. The works of art created by the genius of architects such as Juvarra, Guarini, Vittone and Pozzo will accompany visitors in a charming and unique journey of discovery.

Piedmont Region