Playing golf in Piemonte means playing in a mosaic of beautiful landscapes. From the Langhe to Lake Maggiore, from Torino and the Olympic Mountains to Novara, Alessandria and Asti, 57 top level clubs confirm the region's leadership in the Italian golf scene, with 5 greens with 36 holes, 1 with 27 holes, 13 with 18 holes, 21 with 9 holes and 17 practice fields.

From beginners through to expert golfers, choose your challenge on the green! What an exciting atmosphere in Sestriere, the highest golf club in Europe at 2,035 meters, where a cutting-edge indoor golf facility is available in winter, with 10 positions and a sophisticated simulator. Playing with a wonderful view on the Alps or on the Monferrato vineyards, along the lake or near Torino parks and hills? It is no coincidence that Piemonte has been hosted 13 editions of the prestigious Italia Open competition since 1925. Find out more here: Feder Golf Piemonte.